Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight and your hands relaxed on your knees in gian mudra (tip of thumb and index finger together). Close your eyes and breathe...

“Doctor, I feel like I’m dying.”  A lot of people come to the ER with variations of anxiety disorders.  Of course, you might be anxious because you really are dying fr...

Sham Rang’s teachings exude kindness, patience and understanding. A boundless teacher and a divine soul. I am forever blessed to have met Sham Rang “Doc” Khalsa, his teaching has changed my life.” 
Vanessa Dharam Atma Kaur | Student

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Navigate the complexities of western medicine with support of holistic traditions for healing of the body, mind & spirit.

My goal is to help individuals find their own ability to self-heal and to navigate the western medical system, meanwhile supporting the healing process with nourishing and nurturing methods of eastern and holistic medicine, addressing physical symptoms, emotional distress, medical diagnoses, interpersonal relationships, and other challenges both physical or spiritual.” – Dr. Sham-Rang MD


Dr. Sham-Rang Khalsa is a rare mix of western medicine physician and eastern medicine healer certified in acupuncture, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and Ayurveda. He understands the complex intricacies of the physical body, and the patterns and responses influenced by thoughts, environments, and emotions.

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